About Suppliers

The Coalition for College Cost Savings serves nearly 900 independent colleges and universities which are often under-served in the purchasing marketplace. The total consumption of supplies, equipment and services, as a single institution, may not be sufficiently large to result in consistently competitive pricing.  By combining a single institution’s purchase volume with hundreds of similar institutions throughout the country, the market strength of private colleges that is created enables competitive leverage rivaled only by the largest of institutions.

The Coalition for College Cost Savings was conceived as a catalyst for the first comprehensive and collaborative purchasing and services effort focused exclusively on independent, private higher education.  The Coalition’s goals are to leverage the collective buying power of private colleges to reduce operating costs, improve the efficiency of internal procedures and ultimately lower the cost of delivering education.

Becoming a Supplier

The Coalition is committed to the discovery of innovative companies that can offer products and services that will save money and improve processes on higher education campuses. If you are interested in becoming a Coalition Supplier, please send a marketing packet and introductory email to the Coalition at info@thecoalition.us.