CASHNet Testimonial from Lynn University

October 24, 2016


Lynn University, Boca Raton, Florida

Modules Implemented 
eBill, ePayment, Full Service Payment Plans, eMarket, SmartPay, Mobile Payments App


The relationship between Lynn University and CASHNet was born in 2008. “It was a time when everyone was starting online payments, especially universities,” says Maria Piret, director of information systems at Lynn University. PCI compliance was also becoming more important at the time, so Lynn launched a project combining the two, with the goal of figuring out how to give students the ability to pay online—not only for tuition, but for other services as well. “We had a long list of requirements,” Piret says. “At the end of the day, we went through the RFP process and definitely CASHNet was the one that was closest to all the requirements that we had.”



According to Piret, when it comes to dealing with vendors, first impressions are key. “If you are in the early stages and you’re dealing with a company that is not knowledgeable or on top of their game, it’s very hard to convince a committee that a company is serious about your business,” Piret said. “If the very first contact you have with them is not good, how can you trust every other service that they are
providing you?”

CASHNet’s first impression was a good one. “We had a big committee with people from different areas, so when we went through the RFP process we had a lot of requirements and we had a lot of questions,” Piret says. “They answered all of them.”



“What I value the most in working with CASHNet is that they are flexible with us. We have many complex bridges that we have built with our systems and I appreciate their ability to meet our specific needs, making all the products work the way we want and need them to work,” Nelson says.

“It’s very hard to find partners that understand where we’re going and can give us that flexibility,” Piret says.


“We really appreciate the partnership we have with CASHNet. We’ve been in business together since 2008 and I don’t foresee making any changes. The products are working for us and they’re really evolving with us—it’s been a really good relationship.”
Evelyn Nelson, Executive Director, Student Financial Services, Lynn University



Through several deployments, Piret says CASHNet has been very good about keeping her and her team in the loop. Evelyn Nelson, executive director of Student Financial Services, agrees. “I really appreciated being in on the weekly calls and the immediate response that came afterward—what we discussed, the deadlines for the coming week and who was responsible for each action item. That really kept us on target.”

Lynn University’s relationship manager has been with them through the entire process. “It was great to have him as a point person—no matter what product it was, he was always answering our questions,” Piret says. “He’s very responsive to our needs,” Nelson agrees. “He always communicates to us before a change is coming down the pike, even if we don’t have a say so in the change. That gives me the opportunity to strategize with my team or other departments on campus that may be affected by the change. Even if it’s minor, I still do appreciate that communication.”





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