Coalition Receives Clean Audit Opinion

May 20, 2016

In the Coalition’s latest audit, which is indicative of prior year’s audits, our auditor Glaser and Company reported that the Coalition’s financial statements resulted in a clean opinion, with the highest level of assurance.  Several details that reflected positively on the financial management practices of the Coalition were highlighted, including segregation of duties despite a small staff, and the fact that a high proportion of income is being used to serve the mission of the Coalition, an indication that the organization is not administratively heavy.  Our auditor also made special note of a high level of confidence in the internal controls that are in place that are particularly laudable given that the Coalition conducts the majority of its business in a virtual environment.

Included in Glaser and Company’s work is the Coalition’s form 990 IRS filing.  The Coalition’s 990, which was filed by the May 15th deadline, and the full audit report, can be found on the Coalition’s secure website (requires login) at