First American Education Finance – Did you know?

August 21, 2015

Coalition member schools receive free access to the First American Education Finance CustomerConnect™ platform. CustomerConnect is a secure online asset management reporting solution that allows your campus to conveniently track leases and leased equipment 24 x 7. CustomerConnect is available on the web, on an iPad which is supplied free of charge by First American, and on any smartphone.

For Coalition member schools currently using CustomerConnect, new enhancements simplify the process of managing your lease program. Now you can manage the entire process online, from coordinating the end of lease process, to executing lease contracts electronically through DocuSign. DocuSign helps schools of all sizes easily and securely sign, send, and manage documents in the cloud, with unmatched availability and legal enforceability.


CustomerConnect - Home Page Screen Shot

If your school is not currently using CustomerConnect, signing up is free and easy. Contact your First American project manager today for login credentials and a brief tutorial. Learn more today at


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