First American Hosts Peer Discussion after NACUBO

July 10, 2017

Monday, July 31 | Minneapolis, MN


Designing the Liberal Arts Institutions of the Future

Join First American Education Finance after the NACUBO Annual Meeting for a unique opportunity to hear the stories of industry leaders who are helping to evolve liberal arts colleges. The evening will feature a panel of three presidents and innovators, moderated by Doug Lederman, editor of Inside Higher Ed. You will also have the unique opportunity to collaborate over dinner with your peers on how to redesign our schools for the future.

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The content and discussion for the evening will focus on how liberal arts colleges can innovate and thrive in today’s challenging environment. As a business officer, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with your peers on topics such as:

  • Are current institutional models sustainable? As a frequent topic of discussion within most colleges, institutional sustainability is likely top of mind for you. Our discussion will focus on identifying vulnerabilities, share examples of success (and failures) and what we can learn from one another that will help improve our own schools.

  • What changes to the business model could make the most impact on our future? The event will highlight what major shifts in institutional operations and approaches are most likely to occur and offer an opportunity for you to collaborate with peers on how to best address these shifts.

  • What are the characteristics and skills required of those leading higher education into the future? What can we observe and learn from leaders in other industries facing similar challenges?

Doug Lederman, Editor of Inside Higher Ed

Doug Lederman is the editor and one of the three founders of Inside Higher Ed. With Scott Jaschik, he leads the site’s editorial operations, overseeing news content, opinion pieces, career advice, blogs and other features. Doug speaks widely about higher education, including on C-Span and National Public Radio and at meetings around the country, and his work has appeared in The New York Times and USA Today, among other publications. Learn more about Doug Lederman.

Dr. Georgia Nugent, former President of Kenyon College

Dr. Georgia Nugent is a Classics scholar, President Emerita of Kenyon College, former Interim President of The College of Wooster, and Senior Fellow at the Council of Independent Colleges. Dr. Nugent has held administrative positions at Princeton University and been a professor of Classics at Swarthmore College, Princeton University and Brown University. Learn more about Dr. Georgia Nugent.

Dr. Mark McCoy, President of DePauw University

D. Mark McCoy is the current President of DePauw University. He previously served as dean of the DePauw University School of Music, leading a large-scale transformation which drew national attention for the innovative restructuring of music programs in higher education. His diverse educational background makes him a firm believer in and product of both the professional school and the liberal arts tradition. Learn more about Dr. McCoy.

David Anderson, President of St. Olaf College

David Anderson has been the President at St. Olaf College for 11 years. He earned his Ph.D. at Boston College, specializing in 18th-century British literature. He served on the faculty at St. Olaf College, Texas A&M University, and Florida Atlantic University, and served as Dean of the College at Luther College and as Provost at Denison University before becoming the 11th President of St. Olaf in 2006. Learn more about President Anderson.

Minneapolis Institute of Art (Mia)

Covering nearly 8 acres, the Minneapolis Institute of Art (Mia) is one of the largest museums in the U.S. This unique venue inspires wonder with extraordinary exhibitions and one of the finest wide-ranging art collections in the country. From Monet to Matisse, Asian to African, 40,000-year-old artifacts to world-famous masterpieces, Mia links the past to the present. It is one of the largest arts educators in Minnesota and has more than a half-million people visitors each year. Learn more about Mia. 

First American’s Peer Discussion after NACUBO

Each year, First American holds a Peer Discussion after conferences such as NACUBO to bring business officers together and address big challenges in higher education. Through this event, we strive to create a unique forum where business officers are inspired by thought leaders driving change in education and can collaborate with peers to address key challenges that are important to them. Learn more about our Peer Discussions.


“The liberal arts disciplines are under attack at this moment, as job-seeking students flock to other majors and coding academies are exploding amid fascination with digital technology. But the American tradition of undergirding even professional disciplines with a core of liberal education, which is gaining ground globally, has been a historic advantage for American higher education — and almost certainly remains one, momentary consternation aside.”

– From A Guide for Leaders in Higher Education: Core Concepts, Competencies, and Tools, Stylus Publishing, 2016 (foreword by Doug Lederman). – 


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