HESS Consortium Update

May 18, 2016

A NOTE FROM THE PRESIDENT – Last year saw a grass roots effort among some of the Coalition’s members and a number of independent colleges and universities to counter the rising costs associated with ERP system software and maintenance expense.  Starting with an idea that grew out of Centre College in Kentucky, the grass roots effort has resulted in the Higher Education Systems and Services (HESS) Consortium – www.hessconsortium.org


Today, the HESS Consortium has organized as a 501(C)(3) nonprofit.  The HESS Consortium has 67 member schools from 15 states representing nearly 130,000 student FTEs, and has partnered with six Coalition HEMOs and the Coalition.

The HESS Consortium is focused on lowering costs and increasing collaboration among private colleges and universities in the areas of administrative systems and services.  The Consortium has formed member-driven cohorts, established for Campus Management, Ellucian Colleague, Ellucian Banner, Jenzabar EX, Jenzabar CX/JX, Unit4/CAMS, and Workday, and RFPs are in process with each of these providers.  Oracle Higher Education has also participated in a recent conference of HESS members and potential suppliers.

Beyond ERP software, HESS is looking at campus administrative systems that might be included in the process.  I believe that there is a role for the Coalition going forward and I am meeting with HESS management this summer to discuss what the Coalition’s potential role might entail.  More to come on the HESS Consortium, but in the meantime, you and your member schools can join HESS at the link above and help drive benefit from their direction with ERP and administrative systems.