The Reports on Paymerang are In…

August 13, 2018

KICA, GICA, IAICU, and ICI member colleges and universities rave about how easy it is to implement the Paymerang electronic payments system:

“Everything went much better and faster than I expected.  It is easily the best implementation that I have ever been involved with.” Marty Singleton, Director of Finance & Accounting, Manhattan Christian College, Manhattan, KS

“The process was extremely easy to implement. There was very little that actually had to be done on our side. I kept thinking we must be missing something. Paymerang handles the majority of the work to implement. The actual time spent in-house is minimal, and you will make that time up in the first week or two of using Paymerang.” Toby Hinton, VP for Financial Services, Breneau University, Gainesville, GA

From kickoff to launch…”It took maybe 2 hours total (excluding meeting time with Paymerang). It really was as easy as you said it would be.” Julie Bantz, Controller, Grand View University, Des Moines, IA

“Brian and his team made the process to move to Paymerang fairly painless for my team. In addition, the ongoing service is amazing. We very much appreciate a program that delivers as promised. Not only are we saving staff time, but we realized  $57,000 in rebates since we started in September 2015. These are the kinds of programs that make sense for universities to consider in these times of tight budgets.” Judy Roy, Vice President, Indiana Tech, Fort Wayne, IN


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