Make College Tuition Protected and Up To 100% Refundable

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A college education is one of life’s biggest financial investments, but it is one that often goes unprotected. That’s why Liberty Mutual Insurance is proud to offer Tuition Insurance – an affordable type of coverage that protects the thousands of dollars families pay in tuition, and that they could lose in the event of an unexpected health-related withdrawal such as an injury, illness or mental health condition.

Based on a school’s refund schedule, a student who withdraws mid-semester may be eligible to get only a portion of their tuition refunded, or receive no refund at all. But with Tuition Insurance, Liberty Mutual can reimburse a family up to 100% (of their insured costs), including tuition, room & board, and other fees paid to the school*. Available at an affordable rate, Tuition Insurance provides peace of mind to students, families, and school administrators.

*Coverage not available at all colleges and universities. Policy terms and conditions apply.

No Cost For Schools. Peace of Mind for Students, Families and Administrators

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