Renewable Seating & Savings

December 1, 2017



Even the most durable furniture will start to show wear and tear over time, and chances are your lounge furniture has seen better days.

Replacing or repairing damaged or worn furniture can be costly, but with E&I’s new competitively solicited Transformations Furniture contract, this problem can be a thing of the past!

Transformations offers renewable upholstered lounge furniture that is unrivaled in the marketplace. Now you can replace the furniture fabric and components on-site in minutes. Best of all? No training or special tools are required! Their patented design allows for easy reupholstering and assembling.


Why Choose E&I’s Transformations Contract?

  • Save money! One single purchase can experience 5-7 life cycles.
  • Save time! Remove and replace all components in minutes without tools or training.
  • Preserve the environment! Transformations’ industry-leading warranty proves their commitment to true renewability, preserving your facility and the environment.
  • Enjoy durability & comfort! Feel the comfort of home with the highest quality of foam, frame, and workmanship underneath the fabric.

With over 40 years of expertise in renewability, Transformations meets all the criteria for being a truly renewable company, with their signature patented construction across all product lines.


Are you ready to invest in your furniture’s future?

Click here for more information on this contract, or contact your Member Relations Representative or Tina Smith, Portfolio Support Executive for Interiors Products.  

Remember: Don’t forget to mention “CCCS” or “The Coalition” when you speak to your Member Relations Representative.