State-Wide Joint Coalition/AP Advantage Webinars

April 15, 2016

During the months of March and April, the Coalition has collaborated with AP Advantage to present webinars to individual state associations. These webinars focus on Coalition programs that help colleges and universities automate and streamline processes, improve efficiency and reduce the cost of delivering education.

The main focus of the webinar is one contract in particular: AP Advantage. AP Advantage has become one of the fastest growing Coalition programs by transforming accounting departments into revenue generators, reducing costs, improving efficiency and eliminating fraud and compliance risks associated with checks and electronic payments.  College and university accounts payable departments that are still writing checks to pay invoices or using any combination of check, ACH and or manual P-Card calls, have heard how they can securely simplify the process with outstanding results. Brian Cook, Senior VP of the Higher Education Market at AP Advantage, gives a 20-minute overview of the streamlined process during the webinar.

This webinar has already been sponsored by the Independent Colleges & Universities of Florida (ICUF), the Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities (cIcu), and the Federation of Independent Illinois Colleges and Universities (The Federation). Additional webinars are being sponsored by the Independent Colleges and Universities of Texas (ICUT) and Michigan Independent Colleges & Universities (MICU).

If you are interested in sponsoring a similar webinar, please contact Brian Cook at AP Advantage by phone (804.317.9229) or email (




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