The Coalition Visits the Independent Colleges and Universities of Florida

September 21, 2015

A NOTE FROM THE PRESIDENT – The Coalition for College Cost Savings was recently invited to present at the Independent Colleges and Universities of Florida ( CFO/CIO Forum. The meeting was held in Boca Raton, FL, hosted by Lynn University. The conference focused on CFO and CIO issues and opportunities for ICUF member schools.

A group of CFO’s and CIO’s from ICUF member schools met with and heard from ICUF partner companies, including Coalition leasing program partner First American Education Finance ( Additionally, these CFO’s and CIO’s spent time in a group forum discussing issues relevant to their campuses.

I appreciate the time on the ICUF CFO/CIO Forum agenda to present Coalition programs. In particular, we discussed the Coalition’s program with AP Advantage ( and the benefits it brings to campus business operations. Special thanks to Theresa Antworth, Vice President of Special Programs and External Relations, and Ben Donatelli, Executive Director, Collaborative Business Ventures and the Florida Independent Colleges and Universities Risk Management Association ( for their kind invitation to participate.

Harry Goldberg  |  President