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Private Institutions Working Together to Find a Sustainable Path
for Administrative Systems & Technology Operations

The Higher Education Systems & Services Consortium or "The HESS Consortium" is a non-profit, membership-run organization. The HESS Consortium is primarily a community of practice among CIOs and CFOs in private, non-profit higher education.  One of our major focuses is on collectively lowering costs and increasing collaboration between specifically private colleges and universities in the area of administrative systems and services. 

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The HESS Consortium is made up of chief financial officers, chief information officers as well as technology and finance professionals in a diverse group of schools committed to finding efficiencies and cost savings by working with other like-minded institutions. Together, we realize that, throughout the country, private college/university Chief Business Officers (CBO) and Chief Information/Technology Officers (CIO) are mutually charged with providing mission critical administrative services in an environment of almost flat, if not decreasing, net revenues. We are focused on maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of administrative software, services and necessary information technology hardware to meet the increasing needs of diverse users while minimizing the resources used.
We currently have strong relationships with a large number of higher education software, hardware, cloud and consulting providers.  HESS provides members with enterprise system cohort groups, conducts monthly webinars, access to the HESS Consortium Online Leadership Community (OLC) and many other technology-related resources for private institutions. 
The HESS Consortium also features one of the most innovative and affordable enterprise system programs for private colleges and universities with the HESS Collective Program with partners Oracle, Mythics and Drivestream.
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Keith Fowlkes

VP of Technology / HESS Executive Director

(859) 516-3571

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