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If you are thinking about comparing student health insurance plans or are interested in offering a plan for the first time, take a look at the Consortium plan, as well as the advantages and benefits offered exclusively for member schools.

The Coalition Consortium UnitedHealthcare Student Resources Student Health Insurance plans are flexible solutions that provide students with the medical and behavioral health coverage they need throughout their education, on campus or on the road.

The Coalition Consortium leverages the collective purchasing power of private colleges nationwide to ensure schools and students get the same stability and excellent rates as the biggest schools in the country. 

Students have access to licensed medical professionals 24/7 through the HealthiestYou telehealth service and can speak with licensed behavioral health specialists without stepping foot out the door. There are NO fees for UHCSR members to utilize HealthiestYou.

All Plans include:

  • Intramural and club sports coverage

  • Global Emergency Medical Assistance

  • 24/7 Telemedicine

  • Mental health telehealth services

  • 24/7 Crisis & Counseling Support

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Debbie Delli Santi

Sr. Account Executive

(727) 563-3415

John Maxwell

Account Executive

(215) 902-9930

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