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Business Affiliates

The Coalition offers a Business Affiliate Program to help private colleges nationwide connect with companies that provide goods and services to the higher education community.

The companies listed below support independent, nonprofit higher education and are committed to providing solutions and discounted pricing to Coalition member colleges and universities. These companies have been referred to The Coalition by at least (3) private, nonprofit colleges that use their products/services.

If your company is interested in becoming a Coalition Business Affiliate please APPLY HERE!

Entrinsik Blue-Green logo.png

Entrinsik is a global, exceptionally customer-centric organization rated highly by our customers for innovative, feature-rich software products that are simple to use, quick to implement and offers outstanding customer  support. Our aim is to help our customers  integrate, analyze, and store massive data easily in order to increase their future  competitiveness and profitability.

Contact: Simone McGrath, Sales Director

Fischer Logo.png

Identity & Access Management is key for IT and cybersecurity professionals to manage and control access within an organization. It’s core objective is to ensure that individuals or systems are granted appropriate access and services when needed, all while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Fischer Identity stands out with its comprehensive product suite, which offers ready-to-use configurations without the need for coding. The suite is designed with modularity in mind, allowing organizations to tailor their IAM approach to their unique requirements. You have the flexibility to select the specific Fischer Identity products that align with your organization’s immediate needs and objectives. Moreover, as your IAM strategy evolves, you can incorporate additional Fischer Identity products to enhance your security posture.

By providing this modular and customizable approach, Fischer Identity empowers organizations to take a strategic and scalable approach to IAM, adapting to the ever-evolving landscape of security, while ensuring that access to critical resources remains tightly managed.

Contact: Chuck Donnelly, VP Field Operations


Higher Digital is a management consulting and software company specializing in helping higher education institutions move their ERP solutions to the cloud. 

Since our founding in 2017, Higher Digital has worked with over 200 global institutions, providing a next generation approach to digital strategy, change management, architecture, user experience, implementation, and administration.

Our seasoned and expert staff has decades of collective, hands-on experience with hundreds of ERP transformation projects.

Contact: Wayne Bovier, CEO

Pathify logo.png

Pathify is an innovative higher ed engagement hub and student portal that puts students at the center of their college journey. We elevate the information that matters and background the rest, making it simpler for students to discover and engage with the opportunities your institution provides — at every step of their higher ed journey.

Contact: Loui Atchison, Field Marketing Lead


Everspring equips universities to adapt and thrive as technology and demographics reshape higher education. We fortify your programs and enhance enrollment through adaptive technology, high-performing marketing, robust platforms, data integration, research-backed course design, and faculty support—all while prioritizing speed, simplicity, and results. Based in Chicago, Everspring serves a growing number of colleges and universities nationwide.

Services with offers: 

Contact: Alicia Jahant, VP University Partnerships​


FileWave is the ultimate solution for managing multiple operating systems from one console, including Windows, macOS, iOS, iPadOS, Android and Chrome. With FileWave, IT leaders can take a fully customizable, streamlined approach to device management, asset management, and security. Higher education technology teams leverage FileWave to remotely deploy software, updates, and patches to devices, saving precious time and money, while increasing efficiency. 

Deliver uninterrupted distant learning for all device types, support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), guarantee higher security and produce a distraction-free environment for your college and university students with the FileWave Management Suite.

Contact: Willem Boom, VP Sales


Mythics has been a member of the Oracle Partner community for over 20 years now, and throughout that time has taken a leadership position in the Oracle Partner Community through its participation in programs such as the Oracle Cloud Excellence Implementer Program and the Oracle Specialization program, where Mythics was the undisputed leader among US Government Resellers with 55 Specializations.  But those programs were sunset by Oracle, who introduced a new program with its launch of the Modern Oracle Partner Network in 2019 called the Oracle Partner Expertise Program.

Mythics is a Global Leader in Oracle’s Partner Expertise Program

Oracle Customers need partners that align technology to business value. Customers want to select the right partner based on their need. That’s where the Oracle Partner Expertise Program comes into play. Whether you need an Expert Oracle Procurement Partner or Expert Oracle Implementation Partner, the Oracle Partner Network Expertise Program is the only Oracle validated partner certification program.  This program validates a partner’s demonstrated customer success, implementation and procurement competency and continued commitment to being a leader in the Oracle Partner community.

Contact: John Iuliano, VP Strategic Market Sales

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