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Each academic year, thousands of highly motivated students, parents, friends and families, prospective students, athletic fans, alumni, registrants and guests travel to your campus for institutionally-sponsored conferences and events. 

When your campus hosts an event that brings visitors from out of town, your campus should be getting the hotel data, reporting and commission!

If you are not, talk to us at Campus Travel Management. We w
ill work with hotels your visitors are already frequenting and provide you with data about your campus visitors along with a commission on their lodging. We also build and maintain a state-of-the-art portal for your website that makes travel to your campus accurate and easy for out of town visitors and reduces your site manager's workload.

We began our program in 2013 and, thanks to word of mouth, it has grown to over 200,000 transactions and $40 million in hotel sales. Perhaps most important, quarterly checks sent to our 95 college and university partners have exceeded $1.7 million.

rogram Benefits:

  • Quarterly Revenue

  • No cost, risk or investment

  • Free Online Reporting

  • Out of State Hotel Discounts

  • No service fees or markups

  • Reduced staff workload

  • 80% of the 7-10% paid for individual bookings

  • 90% paid for groups

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Larry Handel


(410) 267-0866

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