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Six Leading Higher Education Institutions Awarded Grants in the Coalition Energy Sustainability Program


The Coalition Energy Sustainability Program (ESP) is a collaborative initiative designed to provide private, nonprofit schools with the resources and support necessary to transition their campuses towards sustainable energy environments. The program aims to facilitate decarbonization, reduce energy operating expenses, enhance resiliency, address deferred maintenance, and achieve other related campus objectives.


Six esteemed educational institutions have been selected to receive grants to fund comprehensive campus strategic assessments led by Ecosystem. These assessments will serve as the foundation for developing actionable roadmaps tailored to their specific campus objectives. With the support of the Coalition ESP, these schools will embark on a path towards a greener, more sustainable future.

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These institutions stood out in a crowded and highly qualified applicant field. All the grant applicants demonstrated an impressive commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. However, each selected school's unique vision and goals align seamlessly with the mission of the Coalition ESP. Over the coming months, they will collaborate with Ecosystem, First American, and Solar Financing Solutions to assess and enhance their energy practices on their campuses.


Just as the Coalition ESP looks forward to working closely with these institutions and facilitating their journey toward energy sustainability, we anticipate collaborating with a wide range of Coalition members to help them reach their goals. Together, they will contribute to a more environmentally conscious education sector and a brighter, more sustainable future for all.


For more information about the Coalition Energy Sustainability Program and its initiatives, please visit

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Hotel Revenue

Are You Earning a Commission on Hotel Rooms Booked by Campus Visitors?
You Should Be!

Each academic year, thousands of highly motivated students, parents, friends and families, prospective students, athletic fans, alumni, registrants and guests travel to your campus for institutionally sponsored conferences and events.

When your campus hosts an event that brings visitors from out of town, your campus should be getting the benefits, which include hotel data, reporting and commission!

Learn how with Campus Travel Management. Attend our introductory webinar on September 14 at 2:00 eastern.


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IPv4 Address Brokerage Services

Brander Group specializes in helping colleges and universities safely monetize their unused IPv4 addresses. 


Brander introduced their services to the HESS/Coalition group on 8/22. If you missed it...


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2023 Annual Report

The Coalition is pleased to announce that the First American Education Finance PCard Program met its goal of reaching the maximum rebate percentage tier of 1.40% on qualified purchases* for the July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023 annual cycle! In addition to a substantial rebate based on the group’s aggregate purchases, participants enjoy a state-of-the-art administrative system for managing PCard use on their campuses.


Rebate checks totaling over $350,000 were mailed directly to participating schools with the average rebate being almost $12,000 per school.


The Coalition FAEF PCard Program features:


  • Online and mobile capabilities

  • Seamless training and implementation

  • No annual fees

  • No minimum spend requirement

  • Generous payment terms

  • Rebates based on the cumulative spend of the entire Coalition group

  • Mobile receipt attachment

  • Automatic approval routing

  • Real-time account management tools


* Large ticket and Visa Partner purchases earn a rebate of .40%



FAEF will host a live, interactive webinar on Monday, September 25 at 2:00 eastern to review the benefits of the program, demonstrate the online platform, and answer your questions as you decide if the Coalition PCard program is right for your campus.





NEW Partnership!!

BeneRe is a revolutionary group captive insurance company changing the way people view supplemental insurance. For higher learning institutions that want a healthier approach to managing the high cost of healthcare, BeneRe designed the EDURe supplemental benefits captive.

BeneRe offers group captive insurance solutions for Accident, Critical Illness and Hospital Indemnity coverage. These supplemental benefits have become increasingly valuable in helping employees offset health insurance expenses.

Benere introduced their services at webinar on July 25. If you missed it, you can


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NEW Partnership!!

ERP investments are among the largest, most complex investments your institution will make. Staff are typically fully engaged in day-to-day operations, leaving little time to strategically approach the digital transformation that a successful ERP project can bring. HESS and The Coalition have partnered with Moran Technology Consulting (MTC) to provide the services of trusted and experienced advisors, to work alongside your team (as much or as little as you need) to support your transformation’s success. MTC is known for successfully supporting over 300+ schools on 800+ projects. 

Watch this short (< 15 min.) introductory video to learn more

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Announcing The Coalition Energy Sustainability Program


The Coalition for College Cost Savings (Coalition), First American Education Finance (FAEF), Ecosystem Energy Services, and Solar Financing Solutions are launching an Energy Sustainability Program (ESP).

The goal of the Coalition’s ESP is to provide the resources necessary for campuses to move toward a sustainable energy environment and support the achievement of decarbonization, reduced energy operating expenses, resiliency, deferred maintenance, and other related campus objectives.


From assessment through installation and beyond, the Coalition’s ESP Partners will guide colleges and universities by providing customized innovative financing solutions, experienced technical partnerships, and the ongoing information needed to successfully develop and follow an actionable roadmap that addresses your specific campus objectives.


To kickstart the program, FAEF will be awarding five (5) Launch Grants to Coalition member schools to cover the cost of a comprehensive campus strategic assessment.


The Coalition and the ESP Team hosted an introductory webinar on June 15, 2023.



NEW Partnership!!

The Coalition is pleased to announce a new partnership with Doctums to bring management and technology consulting to your member institutions. Doctums works solely in higher education and focuses on providing services that maximize the value of current investments. Doctums brings deep experience to provide bespoke support in education strategy, administration, and the student experience.

Too often, higher education institutions purchase new technology with high hopes for its impact and ROI, only for it to fall short of expectations. Struggles with knowledge gaps, mismanaged data governance, and other concerns can create a gap between a technology’s current implementation and its potential. Doctums helps institutions reduce this technology gap and move toward a continuous business process and technology management approach, unlocking the potential of technology you already have.

Doctums introduced their services at webinar on June 20. If you missed it, you can


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Granite Receives 2023 INTERNET TELEPHONY Product of the Year Award
Granite EPIK Recognized for Industry Innovation for POTS Alternative Technology

Granite Honored with 2023 INTERNET TELEPHONY SD-WAN Product of the Year Award

Granite’s ‘Built to Order’ SD-WAN Recognized for Exceptional Customer-First Innovation

Your school can make sourcing and managing your voice and data solutions easier with Granite – one provider for all solutions with a single point of contact and 24/7/365 customer service.




The Coalition and HESS have formed a strategic partnership to increase the opportunities for private nonprofit higher education institutions to leverage their collective buying power to reduce operating costs and streamline operations.

HESS collectively lowers costs and increases collaboration between private colleges and universities in the area of administrative systems and services by focusing on maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of administrative software services and related technology to meet the increasing needs of diverse users while minimizing the resources used.

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Protect Yourself from Check Fraud

Payment fraud is insidious. It chips away at corporate profitability, jeopardizes your reputation, consumes staff time with remediation, and puts your business’ viability at risk. Businesses have too much at stake to leave themselves vulnerable to soaring payment fraud.

Learn how to keep your organization safe and protect against payment fraud...

It's Time To Start Your ASC 842 Compliance Project

Whether you have hundreds of leases or only a few, you still need to go through the process of identifying, abstracting, classifying, properly accounting for, and managing your leases throughout their term.


Many states are proposing mandatory long term care legislation proposing that all working residents purchase long-term care insurance. Washington State has already implemented. New York and Pennsylvania have filed, and 12 additional states are currently in review with their own version of a mandatory long-term care insurance bill. If these bills pass and a working resident elects not to purchase private LTCi, employers will be obligated to deduct a monthly tax from non-compliant employee paychecks. This new proposal is a result of each state’s Medicaid program budgets being exhausted due to LTC claims.

The Coalition’s LTC Program with Allstate that is managed by AffinityLTC satisfies the minimum requirements for the proposed bills that are currently being reviewed.  Massachusetts, Vermont, and New York have special restrictions and conditions regarding LTC insurance, and AffinityLTC is working with A-rated carriers to come up with a solution to allow these states to offer LTCi to meet the potential laws being passed. 

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