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The Coalition and HESS have formed a strategic partnership to increase the opportunities for private nonprofit higher education institutions to leverage their collective buying power to reduce operating costs and streamline operations.

HESS collectively lowers costs and increases collaboration between private colleges and universities in the area of administrative systems and services by focusing on maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of administrative software services and related technology to meet the increasing needs of diverse users while minimizing the resources used.

Join us on Thursday, December 8 at 2:00 eastern to learn more about HESS and how HESS's programs and projects can help you find a sustainable path for Administrative Systems and Technology Operations.

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Protect Yourself from Check Fraud

Payment fraud is insidious. It chips away at corporate profitability, jeopardizes your reputation, consumes staff time with remediation, and puts your business’ viability at risk. Businesses have too much at stake to leave themselves vulnerable to soaring payment fraud.

Learn how to keep your organization safe and protect against payment fraud...

It's Time To Start Your ASC 842 Compliance Project

Whether you have hundreds of leases or only a few, you still need to go through the process of identifying, abstracting, classifying, properly accounting for, and managing your leases throughout their term.


Is Mandatory Long Term Care Insurance Coming to Your State?

Many states are proposing mandatory long term care legislation proposing that all working residents purchase long-term care insurance. Washington State has already implemented. New York and Pennsylvania have filed, and 12 additional states are currently in review with their own version of a mandatory long-term care insurance bill. If these bills pass and a working resident elects not to purchase private LTCi, employers will be obligated to deduct a monthly tax from non-compliant employee paychecks. This new proposal is a result of each state’s Medicaid program budgets being exhausted due to LTC claims.

The Coalition’s LTC Program with Allstate that is managed by AffinityLTC satisfies the minimum requirements for the proposed bills that are currently being reviewed.  Massachusetts, Vermont, and New York have special restrictions and conditions regarding LTC insurance, and AffinityLTC is working with A-rated carriers to come up with a solution to allow these states to offer LTCi to meet the potential laws being passed.