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Intercollegiate Sports
Secondary Insurance Coverage
Individual Hard Waiver Plans for Student Athletes

The Coalition, in partnership with Pan-American Life Insurance Company, has created cost-saving initiatives that address your intercollegiate sports exposure, offered exclusively through CBIZ Borden Perlman Sports. With 30 years’ experience in this very specialized market, CBIZ Borden Perlman Sports is uniquely positioned as the exclusive distribution partner for this initiative.

  • “Pay as you Play” Feature: Deferred cost and more certainty regarding canceled or truncated participation

  • First payment due 30 days after students return to campus

  • Tech Credit: Reducing cost for injury-tracking systems and providing claims-handling synergies

  • Availability of multiple-year guaranteed cost programs 

  • Transparent fees, no hidden costs

  • Coalition Schools receive:
    ~ Post Critical Incident Counseling Benefit
    ~ Concussion Benefit 
    ~ Return of Remains Benefit 

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Kelly Myers

Vice President/Founder

CBIZ Borden Perlman Sports

(609) 482-2210 x110

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