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Strategic Assessment Launch Grant Application

Congratulations! By filling out this Coalition Energy Sustainability Program (ESP) Launch Grant Application your school is taking an important step in furthering cost-effective, energy and sustainability initiatives on its campus. Each application will be evaluated by Ecosystem and Solar Financing Solutions based on the information provided below and alignment with the ESP energy and sustainability objectives.

***It is recommended that your application team assemble the requested information in advance of completing the application and submitting since partial applications are not saved via this website.***

The deadline to apply is August 1. Awardees will be notified the first week of September.

Contact with questions

School Information

How close is your campus to meeting its decarbonization/climate resiliency goals? (hover over stars for options)
We have no goalsWe have goals, but we are not close to meeting themWe have made progress toward our goals but still have work to doWe have met most of our goalsWe have met all of our goals
How would you rate your campus's energy operating expenses?
We pay too much but don't have time to look for savingsWe have implemented some cost saving measures and would like to do moreWe are comfortable but are always looking for additional savingsWe are comfortable and seeking additional savings is not a high priorityWe are proud of our low energy operating costs
How would you characterize your campus's level of deferred maintenance?
High, with no plan or budget to address deficienciesHigh, but we have a plan and budget to address deficienciesModerateTolerable with room to improveWe are comfortable with our level of deferred maintenance
Do you have an internal electrical grid?
Which of the following environmental/sustainability efforts does your campus participate in (check all that apply)?

Current Energy & Sustainability Plans and Projects

Does your school have a campus-wide Climate Action Plan?
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Has your school had a campus-wide Energy Audit in the last 5 years?
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Does your school have a campus-wide Energy Master Plan?
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Long-term Energy & Sustainability Goals and Objectives

Data Uploads

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Thank you for your interest in the Coalition Energy Sustainability Program. Your grant application will be reviewed promptly, and we will be in touch should we need additional information. Grants recipients will be contacted the first week of August.

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