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Coalition Energy Sustainability Program

We are pleased you are considering applying for a Energy Evaluation Grant to be funded by First American Education Finance.

Please complete the application below. Direct questions to

Energy Evaluation Grant Application
Does your school have a campus-wide climate action plan?
Does your school have a campus-wide energy master plan?
Has your school had a campus-wide energy audit in the last 5 years?
Does your campus have current projects in support of your campus-wide energy plan?
Does your school's website home page have sustainability-type link(s)?
Commitment to External Climate Initiatives
AASHE STARTS 2022 Rating Category
Does your school have a Sustainability Department and/or Staff/Faculty in dedicated sustainability positions?
Does your school offer Environmental Studies courses/minors/majors?
Does your school have an Environmental Sustainability Club for students?
Does your Board have sustainability oriented investment policies?
Does your Board have a formal sustainability commitment, such as carbon neutrality?
Is your school visible and active in outreach/involvment initiatives?
Has your school hosted any of these intiatives?
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Your application will be reviewed promptly, and we will be in touch.

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