Why Membership Matters

The average private, independent college or university is often under-served in the purchasing marketplace because its total consumption of supplies, equipment and services, as a single institution, is not sufficiently large to result in consistently competitive pricing. By combining a single institution’s purchase volume with hundreds of similar institutions throughout the country, the created market strength of private colleges enables competitive leverage rivaled only by the largest of corporations.

The Coalition for College Cost Savings (The Coalition) was conceived as a catalyst for the first comprehensive and collaborative purchasing effort focused exclusively on independent, private higher education. The Coalition’s goals are to:


  1. Provide access to cost saving contracts to higher education institutions regardless of size.
  2. Leverage the collective buying power of private colleges to negotiate contracts that deliver better pricing on products and services.
  3. Investigate and vet organizations that can deliver innovative products or services that increase operational efficiency.
  4. Serve as a procurement resource for higher education administration.